Chandsar is separated from other villages by the main river on one side and by its tributary on two other sides. The village is very old and has a number of special features.
Although it faces flood every year, the geographical feature of the village has not altered. Another specialty of this village is that there is no Brahmin family here. All the families bear the surname of Patel. Although they are weavers by caste, there is no sign of weaving. They are farmers.
It is small village with only fifty families. Its population is about two hundred only. It looks green as there are many green trees in our village. The temple of Mahakali Mata is situated in the middle of the village. There is also a big pond near the temple. There are champak trees, mango trees, a few oleander trees and a big peepal tree around the pond. This part of our village presents a beautiful: it. The smell of flowers and mango buds combined with how attractive colour arrests everybody's attention. Our village has a fair weather connection with the main road. As it is a very small village, the government has taken no step to construct a bridge over the river. In spite of it our village is a developed one.
There is a school with teaching facility up to the 4 standard stage. For the purpose of medicine the villagers depend upon the neighboring village where there is a dispensary, a post office.

The main occupation of our villagers is cultivation. Our village has a good name for vegetable production. The river is very helpful to our villagers. All kinds of seasonal vegetables are available in good quality and cheap price. For this reason, many vegetable merchants come to our village for collecting fresh vegetables in large quantity. However, our villagers are united and therefore they are seldom influenced by the foreign merchants. The villagers do not differ on any issue. If at all there is a dispute, they sit together and settle it amicably.
About My Village
My village is just ordinary but nice and lovely. It stays green and clean up there, in Chandsar, where my parents live in. It is located in Bayad Arvalli Dist. My village is not so far from the city, but we can still find many cultivated area.
The villagers are friendly and mostly work at wheat field as farmer. They are always working together and helping each other in many village occasions. It makes us getting close and care to each other. For the youth, we have a formal organization that keeps us gathering. It plays a role whenever there are some events in my village or there is a family that needs help to handle some events, for instance, a traditional wedding ceremony. My village is so peaceful and I almost never hear bad issues around.
There are some special things found in my village. The farmers plant water melon in particular session besides rice. So, we are rich of water melons whenever harvest time comes. In my village, moreover, some time there is'layar tancep' show which I love to go to. 'Layar tancep' is kind of event where the villagers are gathering to watch film in the night through a widescreen made from cloth which is stretched out, supported by two strong poles. It is a rarely occasion to have 'layar tancep' in my village. So, it is interesting and many villagers like to come.

Those are the description of my village at a glance. I love to live there,and I love the people around. It is just nice……!
The name of my village is Chandsar. It is a small and ancient village. It is situated in the district of Arvalli Gujarat. It is 20 Km from city Bayad, 15 Km from Malpur, 24 Km from Modasa and 14 Km from Virpur. The village receives abundant water for irrigation from canal of Vatrak river.
Our village is very much practical in sense of social and human relationship for which village is known to us for loving it. Our village is self-controlled and self reliant in many cases. There are sufficient green field all around it  for growing more than sufficient granary for whole population of our village. Actually our village granary production have exporting talent that means it produce excess to sell it for others. Our village also has big five numbers of garden at its three sides which have varieties of trees. It gives us all seasonal fruits to us. It makes us feel very pleasant in summer by providing cool shed. The farmers have great protection in summer season. There are one primary school. The village people are not very poor. The village has various income through its people. Many of this village people are Computer-engineer and teacher. So the income is from agriculture as well as from service men and business men also. For many years the village has great inter-relationship of people. The people remains always united for the benefit and growth of the village. I am very proud of my village.